Aisa 420 united ALL in one Rolling paper kit box


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😉This standard King Size Rolling Paper includes Tips, Tray, and Grinding Plate all in one. It is very convenient to carry outdoors. Make rolling simple and relaxing.
The first product of Asia 420 United. Graphic design by illustrator-Mr.Rin
☯️Asia 420 United is a community made up of the following members:
Wizman; 420 news media in Thailand: Channel Weed Thailand; Thai local chain head company: Bong party; Taiwan 420 online media/company: hacken07; The largest Chinese planting community in the United States: Cannabis Encyclopedia (dama420); Nutrient solution planting system brand: South Garden.
🌳Asia has a long history of using cannabis and Aisa 420 United aims to boldly carry on that trandition. We look forward to working with more brands, artists, and media outlets as we blaze the path forward heralding in a new generation of Asian 420 art and culture!✨

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