Cannabinoids Crystallization Reactor: Jacketed Glass Reactor with Mother Liquor Collection Flask & Condenser and Moving Trolley


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Vessel Volume

20L, 50L, 100L


JGR-FK series Crystallization jacketed filter reactors are designed as crystallization device with controlled temperature and pressure environment, for both laboratory and scale-up applications. The system not only includes filter reactors who can make reaction and filtration in the same vessel to reduce the material losses, but also can recover the solvents with the help of condenser and collection tank in the vacuum environment. Each filter reactor consists of a filter plate, corrosion resistant jacketed reaction vessel, PTFE coated variable speed stirrer system, and other accessories like electric control cabinet.


  • With filter plate on the bottom for filtration
  • Equipped with mother liquor collection flask with condenser and moving trolley.
  • Jacket interface can be matched with different heater and chiller.
  • Optional high quality thermal insulation jacket available.


Model JGR-20FK JGR-50FK JGR-100FK
Temperature Range -120℃~250℃ [Glass]
Jacket Pressure ≤0.05Mpa
Internal Vessel Pressure ≥-0.098Mpa
Glass Material  High borosilicate glass
Vacuum Seaing PTFE
Electrical Requirements 220V, 50/60HZ Single Phase
Stirring Motor Power [W] 120 120 200
Rotation Controller Variable frequency drive,600 rpm
Agitator Type PTFE stirring paddle(Various types available)
Filtration Pore Size 40~80μm
Stirring Blades Layer Single layer ( double layer can be customized) Double layer (multi-layer can be customized)
Ports on the Lid [pcs] 5+1 5+1 5+1
Reaction Vessel Volume [L] 20 50 100
Liquid Collection Flask Volume [L] 20 50 100
Jacket Volume [L] 6 16 30

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