Flying Weebie All in One Rolling Paper kit box – Trip in thai


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🌟Flying Weebie- travel rolling paper set inspired by the greenery of Thailand.

Embark on a journey through Thailand, from the autumnal travels across the southern islands and the sleepless city of Siam to the natural landscapes of northern Thailand.

Celebrating two years since the launch of the Asia420 rolling paper sets, we’ve received love and support from Trippers worldwide, with many friends rating it the top flight souvenir from Siam. 💚special thanks here to all #Asia420 partners.

The ”Flying Weebie“ series elevates the one-piece paper function by incorporating a flying chess game. Unfold the paper into a board, and you‘re ready to summon buds and battle it out with fellow trippers👾

Trippers can now play chess with a Bud anytime, anywhere. Just open the website for the dice function – no need for other pieces or props, making it a portable and fun airborne board game!

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