Elevating Green Network:
A Purpose-Driven Cannabis B2B Marketplace

The founding of this website was inspired by the myriad challenges we've encountered in our daily business dealings. Issues such as shortages in the existing supply chain, the instability during the adjustment period with new suppliers, the continual updating of new products, the inability to meet product inquiries from the outside world, and the information gap between buyers and sellers encountered in traditional trade shows. These persistent challenges have motivated me to create a dedicated B2B e-commerce platform specifically designed for the cannabis market, a marketplace for cannabis entrepreneurs.

A Highway Between
Sellers and Buyers

As an cannabis B2B marketplace, we conduct two-way market promotion for both sellers and buyers, constantly enhancing exposure to attract more professional participants.

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Our original intention is to help buyers and sellers find each other.

Our platform's core mission is to effortlessly connect buyers and sellers, transcending geographical and temporal boundaries. It's designed to foster seamless trade interactions, making commerce accessible and efficient for all. By prioritizing user experience and reliability, we facilitate smooth transactions, ensuring business can flourish anytime, anywhere.


High Times is an American monthly magazine (and cannabis brand) that advocates the legalization of cannabis as well as other counterculture ideas. The magazine was founded in 1974 by Tom Forcade. The magazine had its own book publishing division, High Times Books, and its own record label, High Times Records.

A web resource for cannabis industry professionals and business owners, Ganjapreneur.com is your source for daily cannabis news, commentary, and industry information. Ganjapreneur.com aims to be the digital media leader for the cannabis & hemp industry.

HempToday® is operated under the auspices of the Poland-based Nakło Foundation, which supports environmental protection, entrepreneurship and thought leadership globally; and historical preservation, economic development, cultural and other community building activities at the local level. In both cases, hemp is a big part of what we do.

Leafly is the world's most trusted destination to discover cannabis products and order them from legal, licensed retailers. More than 125 million people visit Leafly each year to learn more about cannabis and order online with local businesses.

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