Stainless Steel Wiped Film Distillation Unit Big Scale: 3.5-36kg/hr


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10~50kg/hr, 18~36kg/hr, 3~7kg/hr


Shorter residence time, lower separation temperature as well as continuous and unattended operation make Lab1st SMD series stainless steel molecular distillation unit stand out.


  • 0.1m² / 0.3m²/ 0.5m² distillation area, is an ideal choice for pilot scale distillation. 
  • Jacket-heated trace, terpene condenser and cold trap. 
  • More durable than glass or hybrid ones as it is made of premium stainless steel material. 
  • Realize automatic and continuous feed and discharge with three high precision gear pumps.
  • Wiper with magnetic coupling sealing ensures high vacuum level.


Model [L/h] SMD-01 SMD-03 SMD-05
Feeding Speed 2~10 5~25 10~50
*CBD Throughput [L/h] 3.5~7 10~20 18~36
Evaporation Area [㎡] 0.1 0.3 0.5
System Vacuum [Pa] ≤10Pa(No Load)
Agitate Motor Speed [rpm] ≤400
Material  [Wet Part] High Borosilicate Glass, PTFE, SUS316L
Seal Gasket Standard Food grade fluororubber(options: PTFE)
Certification CE(option: UL, ATEX…)
Wiper Type Centrifugal scraper(PTFE)
Agitator Drive Magnetically coupled drive
External Condenser
External Cold Trap
Feeding Tank [L] 15 30 50
Feeding Pump Gear pump (one-way valve installed at outlet)
Heat Preservation The pump head, conveying pipe and one-way valve are interlayer, which can be insulated by heat conduction oil
Holding Temperature [℃] RT~200℃
Receiving Flask —— —— ——
Electrical Rquipments 220,1P [customizable]
Installation Dimension [mm] 2350×900×1900 2750×900×2200 3350×1100×3000
Package Weight [Kg] 400kg 510kg 955kg
*1. Due to different material properties, the throughput will fluctuate, please subject to test results;
*2. Diffusion pump can only be used as a second stage vacuum pump with a first-stage pump.

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