Multistage Filtration System for cannabis extraction process


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Dual stage, Three stage, Four stage


Our filtration skid module is a multistage filtration system that aims to separate solid matter and fluid from a mixture using different filter medium. The skid is usually composed of one bag filter and several lenticular (cake/stacks) filters. Those filters has a complex structure which only the fluid can pass through. The precision of the filtration system can be customized, such us 20um, 10um, 5um and 1um.

Bag filter can make some coarse filtration and pre-filtration, while lenticular filter has higher filtration accuracy for filtering tiny impurities. Since all those filters with accessorizes are fixed in the skid module, it is quite easy to use for anyone without experience.

Key advantage

  • Different filtration precision available: 20um, 10um, 5um and 1um
  • Customized multistage filtration system
  • Fixed Skid structure, easy to use
  • Bag filter standard with 10um filter pore size
  • Good seal with support of pressure ring and the spring between the filter and the filter bag
  • Lenticular filter: different filter pore sizes available, 10um, 5um and 1um

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