Vacuum Drying Oven For Cannabis Concentrates 0.9cuft to 17.8cuft


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0.9 cu ft, 1.9 cu ft, 17.8 cu ft, 3.2 cu ft, 7.5 cu ft


Our drying ovens are built with polished stainless steel interior, removable racks, overheat protection, inert gas inlet, temp calibration, timing and other functions. We provide 6 standard models: VO-01 (0.9 cu ft), VO-02 (1.9 cu ft), VO-03 (3.2 cu ft), VO-07 (7.5 cu ft) and VO-18 (17.8 cu ft), 

Our drying ovens’ temperature range is from 5°C above ambient temperature to 250°C, and we use new generation large-LCD low proportional temperature controller with high accuracy within +/- 1°F (0.5 °C). What’s more, a heat-resistant rubber seal ring is installed between the inner chamber and the glass door to ensure a higher vacuum level and Easy-to-clean smooth electro-polished stainless steel interior for exceptional durability and ease of maintenance.


Model VO-01 VO-02 VO-03 VO-07 VO-18
Technical Data
Temperature Range 40℃-200℃
Timing Time Range 1 – 9999 min
Pressure Range 0.7mbar~Atm
Heating Mode Ambient Heating Bottom Tray Heating
Power Requirements 110V/220V;1P 220V;1P
Rated Power 0.5 kW 1.5 kW 1.5 kW 2.5kW 3.5 kW
Container Parameters
Door Gasket Material Silicon Rubber
Interior Material SUS304
Observation Window 1 / 2 “Thick Tempered Glass, 1/8 “Thick Polycarbonate
Internal Volume 25 L / 0.9 cu ft 53 L / 1.9 cu ft 90 L / 3.2 cu ft 210L / 7.5 cu ft 431L / 17.8 cu ft
Aluminum Trays No. (Standard/Max) 2pcs / 4pcs 2pcs / 5pcs 3, Non Adjustable 5, Non Adjustable 7, Non Adjustable
Vacuum Interface 3/8”Barb KF25
Gross Weight [kg] 65  90  130 280 600
Tray Size [mm] 295×270 410×340 445×420 555×610 625×780
Internal Dimension [mm] 300x 300 x 275 415 x 370 x 345 450 x450 x450 560x640x600 630 x 810 x845
External Dimension [mm] 580 x 450 x 450 720x 525 x 535 615 x 590 x 635 730×860×900 950x 950 x 1115

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