Hybrid Type Wiped Film Molecular Short Path Distillation Unit


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Hybrid wiped film distillation HMD-series is combined with glassware and stainless steel, clear to see and be much more durable than pure glass system. HMD-150B-TK has 0.25 ㎡ (2.7sqft) distillation area and can process 1.25-12.5L material per hour (2.5-5L/h for crude cbd oil). 


  • Wiper with magnetic coupling sealing ensures high vacuum level.
  • Continuous feeding and discharging with optional liquid transfer pumps.
  • Short residence time for the protection of heat sensitive components
  • Skid-mounted design for easy assembly and moving
  • Real-time monitoring of vacuum level, temperature and feeding speed
  • Turnkey system with supporting chillers, heaters, vacuum pumps, etc
  • Combined with glassware and stainless steel, clear to see and be much more durable than pure glass system
  • PTFE coated SS316L stainless steel wiper and Viton sealing, for ultimate corrosion resistance
  • SOPs and installation instructions

Structure (HMD150BTK):
The whole molecular distillation system includes supporting chillers, heaters, vacuum pumps and all accessories.

  • Evaporator Unit: 0.25 sqm evaporation body, jacketed pipeline, standard with dewar-style cold trap
  • Main Heater: 5kW heating power, up to 300C
  • Pre-heater: 3kW heating power, up to 300C
  • Residue-heater: 1.5kW heating power, up to 300C
  • Heater/Chiller for Internal Condenser: 1kW heating & cooling capacity, -25 to 180C
  • Stainless Steel Coil Connection Kit: As a -80C cold finger for the cold trap
  • Chiller for Cold Trap: Hermetic design, 2 x 1hp compressors, down to -80C
  • Rotary Vane Pump: Dual stage, 6L/s gas displacement
  • Diffusion Pump: Air-cooled diffusion pump without independent control & connection, 80L/s gas displacement
  • Gear Pump: Gear pumps for continuous feeding and discharging

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